Repnunmar - Logística e Trânsitos

Repnunmar - Logística e Trânsitos offers a complete logistics service, from pallets to shipping containers (Import/Export), land, air and sea freight, customs procedure management and also added value services, along with partnerships with the main european logistics centers, shipping companies, freight forwarders and carriers. Ready-to-deploy solutions to optimize your business, saving you time and money!

We rely on a team of highly qualified professionals, with our own warehouses and shipping container parks, strategically located in Lisbon, Oporto and Sines. Working alongside Transportadora Ideal do Bairro de Alcântara, we are able to cover your every need, making us the ideal partner to help your business grow inside as well as expand outside your country.

A certified company for the best serve!

Providing excellence in service is, and always will be, our primary goal. In order to maintain the high levels of Quality, we are audited annually under the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001. We are constantly implementing and certifying new processes according to the needs of our customers.

As part of the implementation of this quality system, we have defined the following policy / mission:

To present efficient, competitive and combined solutions in Logistics and Transit, promoting the satisfaction of customers, as well as of other interested parties, taking into account the economic, social, environmental and safety aspects.

Repnunmar, Lda, hereby undertakes the following commitments:

- To comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as other subscribed requirements, whether environmental, social, safety or other plans of their responsibility to society;
- Promote and support the awareness, orientation and commitment towards the accountability of all, to the company's employees in the implementation of the quality policy, actively involving them in this process and ensuring the dissemination of its main results to all stakeholders ;
- To develop the competence and motivation of the employees in relation to the business objectives, in terms of quality, safety, hygiene and health at work, environment and food safety;
- Provide the resources relevant to the implementation of this policy in business and its continuous improvement, not neglecting the opportunities and risks associated with its internal and external context.
Our mission is to make the logistics process more efficient and your business more competitive.
Our vision is clear: we want to continue to grown sustainably and offer our clientes the best service.
Quality. Excellence. Competence. Innovation. Sustainability. Safety. Environment. People. Formation. Commitment. Confidence.

Repnunmar's History

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